3 Devastating Branding Mistakes Cannabis Companies Are Making

If you’re a smoke shop owner or manager, then you probably know that good packaging can play a huge role in increasing your sales and improving your brand’s image.

But what happens when it’s the other way around? Can bad packaging, regardless of the quality of your product have devastating effects on your brand and make you lose money in the process?

That’s exactly what we’re here to talk about today. More specifically, we’ll be discussing three of the most common branding and packaging mistakes cannabis companies are making and providing tips on how to avoid them.

What Are The Most Common Branding Mistakes Cannabis Companies Are Making?

Branding is an important part in building a successful business. Many businesses in the cannabis industry dedicate most of their time and effort into creating quality products and services, that they forget to focus on their branding and marketing strategy.

Here are the 3 most common branding mistakes that most of these companies are not even aware they’re making:

1.      Inconsistent Packaging

The most important thing when it comes to branding is consistency.

However, many companies decide to provide several different types of packaging for the different lines of products that they offer.

Here’s how that can be damaging to their business.

Without keeping consistency when it comes to your branding and packaging, it’s impossible for consumers to remember your brand and recognize your specific packaging.

Often times consumers don’t make the connection between a company’s baked goods packaging, oil packaging, pill containers and all other products that they carry, simply because they are very different from one another.

If you want your brand to be remembered so that your customers can instantly tell if a product is produced by your company, you need to make sure you keep consistency when it comes to your packaging.

By keeping things consistent, you’re making sure that your customized design is instantly identifiable and sticks out on the shelves of dispensaries and smoke shops, which will increase brand awareness and increase re-purchases.

2.      Inconsistent Brand Experience

Your business needs to have a cohesive branding strategy implemented throughout every marketing channel.

This means that in order to be remembered and stick out, you’ll need to stick to a particular font, color scheme and logo across all packaging as well as marketing materials that you’ll use to promote your brand.

This includes your website design, marketing campaigns, social media accounts and any promotional material that you might use.

Inconsistencies between your branding and promotional material can confuse your customers, which is why you want to aim to provide your customers with the same experience throughout all parts of your business, including your website, your dispensaries, and your product packaging.

3.      Keeping Up the Promise

Last but not least, the message that your brand is conveying needs to be consistent with the products you’re offering.

If you’re marketing your products as high end, top quality premium cannabis products, then you’re branding needs to convey that message.

Same as your branding, the quality of your products needs to stay consistent as well. You need to keep your promise and make sure that your customers are getting what’s advertised to them, as there’s nothing more detrimental to a brand’s image than customer dissatisfaction.

The sooner you start building your consistent branding, the quicker you’ll be able to reap the benefits from it.

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