3×5″ Silver Metallic Mylar Bag (14mil Thickness) – MOQ 1000

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Made of PET+AL+PE, our mylar bags are extremely smell proof.

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3×5″ Silver Metallic Mylar Bag

The smell proof Mylar bags are the packaging solution for a great variety of products, from edibles and concentrates to flower.

Keeping the products fresh for longer, as protects it from temperature, humidity, exposure to contaminates or light.

Available in different sizes to fit one or a couple of joints to a gallon of capacity.

They are stand up bags, which means the bottom of the bag opens 2″, giving the bag a base to stand on, a shelf-ready solution.

14mm Thickness to make sure your products are protected.

  • Made from High-Quality Aluminium
  • Reusable & Heat Sealable, with a Stand-Up bottom.
  • Air, Light and Moisture Protection features are what makes these bags outstanding product you can rely on.
  • Food Grade Safe Multi-Layered Packaging will keep your herbs, spices, tea, coffee, and other condiments to better preserve their qualities
  • Combined with Humidity Packs, this mylar packaging is the perfect solution for long-term storage of dehydrated products

Dimensions: 3×5”
1000 units per box