Mylar Bag – 3×5″ Thick 14mil Black – Vacuum Sealer Smell Proof Storage Bag with Ziplock (Reusable & Heat Sealable)

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Mylar Bag – 3×5″ Thick Black  Vacuum Sealer Storage Bags with Zip Lock 14mil Thickness

  • Durable Smell Proof Storage Bags made from High-Quality PET (Polyethylene)
  • Reusable & Heat Sealable, with a Stand-Up bottom.
  • Air, Light and Moisture Protection features are what makes these bags outstanding product you can rely on.
  • Food Grade Safe Multi-Layered Packaging will keep your herbs, spices, tea, coffee, and other condiments to better preserve their qualities
  • Combined with Humidity Packs, this mylar packaging is the perfect solution for long-term storage of dehydrated products