Smoke Shop 101: Boveda Humidity Packs, cannabis quality and long time storage

Keeping your cannabis fresh and controlling its humidity plays a big role in your customers’ overall experience and satisfaction. Keeping your product fresh is Marijuana Packaging: 101 and a part of that includes storing your cannabis properly, as well as controlling its humidity in order to maintain the herb’s natural quality.

One of the ways you can achieve that is by using Boveda humidity packs that control the humidity in closed packages and maintain the herb’s quality.

What are Boveda Humidity Packs Used For?

Boveda humidity packs are used to control the humidity of the packaged herb, by adding/removing moisture as necessary.

By using these humidity packs, you can rest knowing that the humidity of your packaged products is controlled at a constant level and it never fluctuates. This means that you won’t have to worry about the conditions that allow for mold or bacteria to grow, and you’ll be able to maintain your product’s quality and freshness.

Here’s a guide on the quantity of Boveda required for a particular amount of cannabis:

Boveda 4 gram packs: 7-14 grams of cannabis.

Boveda 8 gram packs: 14-28 grams of cannabis.

Boveda 60 gram packs: 112-450 grams of cannabis.

Boveda 320 gram packs: up to 5 pounds of cannabis.

For more information on how to use Boveda humidity packs, check out their short how to guide.

How Does Humidity Affect The Quality Of The Herb?

It’s important to understand that both humidity and air temperature can interact with your product and affect its quality and condition.

Here are some of those ways in which humidity can affect your cannabis:

  • Humidity levels have a lot to do with how long the medicinal qualities and effects of the cannabis will last.
  • Higher humidity levels can increase the chances of your herb developing mold and mildew.
  • It can also affect your herb’s potency, flavor, aroma, texture and color.
  • Having too little moisture is as bad as having too much moisture. Too little moisture can degrade the cannabis and dry out its trichomes.
  • If not stored properly, cannabis buds can lose weight due to evaporation, which can make a difference in weight from the previously weighted and stored product to the one sold to the customer. This may cause smoke shop owners to lose their credibility and lose their customers if they sell a bud saying it weighs a specific weight but in reality weighs less due to humidity.

For more information on how humidity affects your cannabis, check out this short article on how RH affect the curing, drying, and storage of cannabis, by Boveda.

And if you want to take your customer service to the very next level you can try selling and delivering products with Boveda packs inside, which can result in a higher value perception from your customers, and will place you in the top spot, giving you a competitive advantage over your rivals.

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