Why Boveda? How does it Work and What Are Its Advantages over Other Humidity Devices?

Boveda is one of the world’s leading companies in humidity control. They’re very well known in the Cigar world, and are now making a breakout in the Cannabis industry as well. More and more stores and individual users turn to Boveda to optimize and protect moisture sensitive products, so let’s see what actually makes Boveda the number one choice for most manufacturers, store owners, and individual users.

What is Boveda?

Boveda is the global leader in 2-way humidity control. They invented and patented their 2-way moisture control method back in 1997, under the name of Humidipak.

They specialize in humidity control for different types of industries and products, including food, instruments, tobacco, cannabis and other herbal medicines.

Since Boveda is a 2-way moisture and humidity control device, it is good at both drawing moisture in and letting it out. It can be used in any type of container, and it will maintain the accurate RH level overtime, keeping your product fresh by managing moisture, absorbing oxygen and controlling mold.

The company makes different sized packages for different humidity levels, ranging between 13-95% RH. What makes each Boveda package so effective at moisture control is that it consists of a simple water and salt mixture, which has been proven as a highly effective moisture control solution.

How Does Boveda Work?

As we mentioned before, Boveda can be used to maintain a range of different RH levels for any item that you store it with.

Using Boveda packs is the simples, easiest and most effective humidity control solution.

Here’s how it works:

  • Put your Boveda package inside your storage container (you can use bags, mason jars, and all other types of containers)
  • Check to see when the package hardens and replace it with another one
  • The more Boveda you use, the longer your product will stay fresh and in good condition

Why Go With Boveda?

Although there are many other humidity control devices and practices that can be used when storing cannabis, one of the main downsides in using those methods, including most 1-way humidifying devices, is the fact that you’ll be stuck on a never-ending rollercoaster, where the humidity levels constantly go up and down and need to be controlled and maintained all the time.

That’s why most people are opting for this product when it comes to keeping their cannabis and other products fresh and in pristine conditions.

What are The Benefits of Using Boveda for Cannabis Storage?

Some of the main benefits of using Boveda to store cannabis, either for professional or personal use, include:

  • Maximizes the colour, aroma and taste of the herb
  • It retains the terpenes in the flower
  • It locks in the trichomes so they don’t evaporate
  • It eliminates weight loss due to moisture evaporation
  • It allows for the cannabis to cure and be stored properly, by enabling the moisture to be released slowly, resulting in a high quality product, and most importantly
  • It keeps your herb in pristine condition

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